Salem Missionary Baptist Church

In Salem also is His tabernacle, and His dwelling place in Zion.  Psalm 76.2

Minister Ronnelle C. Thomas-Brunswick

First Lady Ronnelle C. Thomas-Brunswick

First Lady Ronnelle Coretta Thomas-Brunswick co-labors in the ministry alongside her husband and pastor, Rev. Dr. David L. Brunswick, at the Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Springfield Gardens, NY. As an effective ministry team, Pastor and Minister Brunswick are faithfully leading a progressive congregation to the next level of spiritual maturity.

Reared in Rochester, NY, Minister Brunswick has been actively involved in ministry since her childhood. Believing the principle of Proverbs 22:6, her parents Mr. and Mrs. Ronald (Maybelle) Thomas, instilled in her strong qualities of leadership and spiritual understanding.

Her ministry journey began at an early age at the Aenon Missionary Baptist Church where Rev. James L. Cherry, Sr. is Pastor. It was during these formative years that Minister Brunswick began her love for Bible study, singing and playing the piano. These early inspirations continue to serve her well in her current ministry capacity.

God has blessed and anointed Minister Brunswick with an unparalleled ministry to children, youth and families in crisis. She balances her strong teaching ministry with gifts of music and administration. As a powerful worship leader and prayer warrior, her personal life exemplifies the victory she unwaveringly proclaims to all who will commit themselves to the Word of God without reservation.

Minister Brunswick ’s belief that women are “fearfully and wonderfully made” and are special in the eyes of God, challenges women everywhere to arise and accept their rightful places in the Kingdom of God.  Minister Brunswick is a woman who illustrates Godly character and leadership. Her passionate prayer life, unshakeable faith in God, and powerful testimony reflect a life of devotion to the Lord, to the principles of His word, and service towards His people.

Minister Brunswick was licensed to the gospel ministry on Sunday, March 2, 2008.  Her initial sermon, entitled “I’ve Got a Job to Do” (Exodus 1), challenges us to look beyond our oppositions, oppressions, and the opinions of others to accomplish the goals that God has set before us and to experience the opportunities that His grace affords us.

Minister Brunswick attributes much of her success in life to lessons learned from a rich family heritage. Like Timothy she has learned the power of sincere faith from her mother and grandmothers, like the daughters of Zelophehad she has learned how to go before men and women of authority by watching the example of her father, like Ruth she has learned much at the side of her mother-in-law, like the Shunamite woman she has learned to love and respect the man of God through her continued relationship with her father-in-law, like Jairus she has learned how to seek the will of God for her daughter, like Hannah she has earnestly prayed for her son rededicating him to the Lord,  and like Sarah she has learned to love her husband and together with him stand still and see the miraculous power of the Lord.